Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Just got done with boxing training and some great sparring! Wednesday (hump day) is one of the roughest in the weekly transition so its nice to survive once again. Especiall after an amazing three a day training for my tuesday line up! Had some early day Jitz at ACS then down to Koncrete for my boxing training followed by a great night at Tribal Crossfit! Definately feeling it today but real good thing I do what I love cause this stuff would break the faint of heart...
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Monday, April 4, 2011

First monday back

Been a great start to the week for training! Started out today at Koncrete gym where I did some sparring and boxing work. After which I trained a couple clients and had a poor kid liking after five minutes of some kick work. Following that I went to Bambusa for my Jitz and had a great time learning some new techniques then getting in some great rolling time where I pulled off the inverted triangle again in practice... Might have done that one a bit backwards but was a blast! Off to bed for me to start my day off right with some roadwork (miles) in the a.m.
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Back to training come 4-4-11

Start back into training come this monday and can't wait! Everyone that's next is the biggest of my career but really look forward to this next fight!
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The journey to the top of the mountain that i have been preparing to climb...

The climb to the top of the mountain starts! The peak of this mountain is known as the Bellator Light Heavy Weight tournament Champion. The belt is the prize but the completion of the task is what I am here for! I have been fighting not only in my bouts but also through training and in every aspect of my life ever since I was a little guy just like many others. Yes I am no different cause i put my pants on the same way and breathe the same air. The one difference that sets me apart is my love for this game known as Mixed Martial Arts. I see every day how people talk the talk yet have no actions to back up their false claims. I am here to set a new standard and raise the bar to a new level but that is as far as I will explain that. Time to have my actions explain the rest. To be continued...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Just finished up with boxing and the second training session for the day. Knocked out 16 rounds of work today and already ready to go for sparring tomorrow! Happy to get this camp moving, feeling very crisp and clean. Shout out to Koncrete boxing @ KOncrete Gym

Fight Bio

Richard “RareBreed” Hale

15-3-1 w/ 6 (t)ko’s

Walk 230lbs/ Fight 205lbs

6’4” (194cm)

Birth date: 5-17-1985

Born: Middleburg heights, Ohio

Reside: Tempe, Arizona

I am a professional Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) and Boxer that has been fighting for 5 years now. I started MMA back in October of 2006 and took my first fight two months later for an Arizona based fight organization and came out successful. At that point i found the path in life in which I was intended to pursue as my dream. Before I started training in MMA I was an amateur Body Builder and after training one day I switched paths and went full throttle towards a career in MMA. I went on to collect three titles for the Arizona fighting organization in the Light Heavy, Heavy and Super Heavy Weight classes. First person to hold all three titles in three different weight classes consecutively in cage fighting. I progressed further in life by having my daughter in December of 2007 and taking a year off from fighting. Made my return to the cage on August of 2008 coming back with a bang when I traveled to New Mexico for a KO victory to start my return. After this fight I met up with my destined coach Kelly Davis who worked on my biggest weakness which was my Boxing. I have been boxing with Kelly now for three years and we just opened a Boxing gym in Scottsdale Arizona where I am a Boxing coach for the general public. I do my training as three a days where I travel across AZ but mainly in Phoenix for now. I just became a part of the Nova Uniao under Sensei Ty Upshur over at Bambusa and look forward to the new training partners and instructors that I have now with this new family. I also do my Boxing out of Koncrete gym when I am not training clients. I blocked time out in my schedule to make sure I can fit all my training in as well. The last blocked out of time is taken up by doing my strength and conditioning at Tribal crossfit with my coach Jake Parent in the mornings. After long days of grueling training and instructing I head home for some down time with my wife and my two female American Pit Bull Terriers. The journey to the top and best in the world continues…


Off to abnother day of training. Up at 5 a.m. to get the day started and off to Crossfit/ Weights. Had a great training session @ Tribal where we knocked out a 7 minute AMRAP of thrusters and burpees followed by my lifting. Just got down at Koncrete to start training clients before Boxing at 12. Boxing yesterday went real well. Training partner didn't show but my coach Kelly davis stepped up for some sparring in prep for the next fight!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hale vs Padilla Rd 1 TKO by Hale RITC#130

Richard Hale vs Mike Zanski ( Mercinary / ex Navy Seal) Rage in the cage...

Elisa getting a workout with Richard Hale at Koncrete Gym

How to wrap your hands by Richard Hale from Koncrete Gym

How to wrap your hands in the first person by Richard Hale from Koncrete...

Next camp

Just got my wisdom teeth out last Thursday and feeling pretty good and healing quickly. Got back to my Jiu Jitsu last night down at Bambusa and had an amazing practice. Helped push the guys to get them ready the upcoming tournament. Love my jitz and my training partners. Now to a new day of training clients that inspire me to train harder and be better while taking care of daily training of my own!